jMaki Project Announces Support for PHP

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The jMaki project, which looks like it started life as a JSP tag project, announced today that they now supports PHP as well as Java. For those unfamiliar with the jMaki project, here a blurb from “their homepage“.

jMaki is an Ajax framework that provides a lightweight model for reusable Ajax-enabled widgets of your own design or for those extending existing toolkits such as the Dojo toolkit. jMaki facilitates the passing parameters to your widgets and provides the means to better connect your widgets to your server-side resources using XML or JSON. Currently the jMaki server-side runtime is provided as a JSP tag library or a JSF component. See About jMaki to learn more.

Blogger Greg Murray “posted today” that the jMaki project is *proud* to announce PHP 5 support for jMaki. Here’s what he had to say

**What does this mean for PHP developers?**
You now have a simple way to build Ajax style applications using client centric JavaScript. jMaki is a framework that provides CSS layouts, widgets, and the glue to tie everything together. Out of the box you can use Dojo, Yahoo UI, Scriptaculous, and many other libraries together with a simple PHP call. To use jMaki you simply unzip a file into your PHP 5 web directory.

The blog post has some sample code using jMaki and their PHP class to instantiate Yahoo maps and Dojo trees. Looks like an interesting piece of code for those who are wanting to tie their backend PHP to their frontend AJAX. Go give “Greg a read“. There a lot more details than what I’ve given you here.