Cal rants about paying the price for Open Source

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Those that know me know that my writings online have migrated from tutorials on PHP to “Old Man Rants” about PHP, Open Source, and Tech in general. (I say migrated, other say degraded…whatever) Recently I went on a rant about Open Source for SitePoint.

Yes, I am self promotion my own writing here, deal with it. This topic is important. See Open Source started as “I wrote this, if you want to use it great.” It has evolved into enticed users demanding free work from developers. Along the way, many developers have had enough and simply walked away. THIS IS NOT A SUSTAINABLE MODEL!

Here is my favorite quote from the article, ironically it’s not even from me.

My friend Elizabeth Smith said it best in her talk at ZendCon ’17: “If you use Open Source, but you don’t contribute to Open Source, Open Source will die.”

Go read the entire article titled Pay the Price for Open Source. While you are there, leave me a comment. Tell me if you agree, disagree, or share your own personal horror story about open source.