Eric Mann reinvents the PHP Session with Sessionz

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Things that end in “Z” instead of “S” are cool, right? Let’s hope so because Eric Mann has released a new project that looks pretty cool. Click on in and I’ll explain.

While it is not exactly middleware, Eric Mann’s new project Sessionz is “middleware inspired”. Eric recently released Sessionz and announced it on his blog in a post most cleverly titled “Introducing Sessionz” From the looks of it, this could quickly become a standard piece of any application.

Sessionz is a middleware-inspired session management stack that works for any PHP application running on PHP 5.6 or better. 2 Like a request middleware stack, you can add in additional handlers to take care of different abstractions for your session.

Sessionz allows you to transparently swap out storage handlers, encryption handlers, and create your own handlers.

If you have ever tried storing sessions anywhere other than the default on-disk, you know how fun that can be. Sessionz gives you a framework to build those types of systems as well as implement your favorite encryption, etc.

Click on though to either the repo or the article and give this system a look.

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