PHP 7.1 has been released! πŸŽ‰

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Progress marches on, and that goes for the most popular language on the web as well. In PHP’s case though, progress seems to be jogging along at a good clip. Exactly one year to the day when PHP 7.0 was released, the Core has given us another gift, PHP 7.1!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to PHP 7.1!

Seriously, if you haven’t said thank you lately to a core developer then get on that right now. If it weren’t for the efforts of these superheroes, most of us would be using one of the inferior languages. (I’m gonna get hate mail for that one, you know it.)

A very special thank you to Davey Shafik and Joe Watkins, the PHP 7.1 release managers.

So what’s the big deal about 71? I am SO GLAD YOU ASKED!

Here are the highlights as listed on the PHP 7.1 release announcement on

Impressive huh?

Getting up to speed

Yeah, that’s an impressive list, but a lot of developers are looking at it and says “Welp, there goes MY weekend!”. Have no fear, we’ve gathered together some resources for you to get you up to speed quickly on the things you need to know to start squeezing the most out of PHP 7.1.

Those should get you up and going pretty quickly.

The Details


Fire up those downloaders, the smell of fresh code is in the air!