Zend Framework News 2006/11/29

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p. Hi Zend Framework Community,

p. Zend Framework has been picking up its pace of development recently. Many great improvements are coming soon in areas such as MVC, Acl, Authentication, Session handling, Search engine, and Gdata. There is also some great work in progress for Locale, Date, and others.

p. We are planning *mid-December* to produce a new preview release for Zend Framework to include these features. We are calling this *preview release 0.6.0*. This number is chosen to convey the state of completion of the Zend Framework more accurately. We’re very proud of the progress of Zend Framework, thanks to the contributions of many community members as well as staff at Zend.

p. We have written a wiki page that describes the features and approximate dates for future releases through 1.0. See “http://framework.zend.com/wiki/x/zic”:http://framework.zend.com/wiki/x/zic. We’ll do our best to adhere to this scope and schedule for the project, and that is the way we’ll make a release candidate for Zend Framework 1.0. Our target for this release candidate is the *end of March, 2007*. If we focus on the tasks needed to complete the Framework, we can achieve this.

p. At the Zend Conference earlier this month, I was surprised at how few people I talked to knew that Zend Framework is *free software*, licensed under the terms of the BSD license. So I want to be sure that everyone knows that Zend Framework is a true open-source project, and freely licensed.

p. Improvements are coming rapidly in Zend Framework, and we are seeking some talented individuals who can help us with some tasks. Right now *documentation translation* is in need of volunteers, so if you know anyone who can help, point them toward our translator getting started web page (“http://framework.zend.com/wiki/x/uAY”:http://framework.zend.com/wiki/x/uAY). Languages that need assistance are Spanish, French, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, and simplified Chinese.

p. I’ll continue to provide news about the Zend Framework development regularly.

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