Ben Ramsey explains Building PHP Projects On Aws CodeBuild

Over on his blog, PHP community luminary Ben Ramsey talks about something he learned recently at AWS reInvent. Click on in and we’ll give you the skinny.

Ben "Wild Garlic" RamseyBen Ramsey works at ShootProof and apparently a bunch of them went over to Amazon’s reInvent. When he got back, Ben wrote up a post titled “Building PHP Projects On Aws CodeBuild” to help those of us who wa
nt o use CodeBuild but only use the most popular language on the web to build things. (It’s amazing that AWS totally left PHP out of their launch. Seriously?)

Anyhow, here’s a quick quote for you.

CodeBuild is designed to be used as part of the AWS CodePipeline, but it may also be used by itself. Additionally, with AWS’s increased focus on their container service (ECS), it’s designed to integrate with ECS to use images you’ve stored in AWS, but it may also use images available on Docker Hub.

As always Ben is articulate in his writing, and thorough in his example. This one is well worth the read.

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