Jeff Moore on OOP is Mature, not Dead

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p. Jeff Moore has written an interesting “blog post”: on OOP. In it he discusses the idea that OOP is not dead as some have proclaimed. He also lays out some features of OOP that he would like to see implemented in PHP.

p. Jeff sums up his arguments early on with this statement.

bq. …OOP is not on the decline. Quite simply, it has become mature. The discussion may be on the decline because almost every language that anyone actually uses implements a core set of OOP features. OOP has won its arguments. Good luck taking a language mainstream without it.

p. Looking beyond the alive/dead argument, Jeff lays out a couple of features that he would like to see in PHP. Things like closures and true accessor methods. (beyond the current __set() and __get() )

p. This is not a typical programmer rant. This is a well thought out post from someone who has obviously spent some time thinking about the subject. It’s a great way to start off your day today, I highly recommend you give it a read.

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