Zend Announces i5/OS V5R3 Compatibility, PHP Redbook, and RPG Web Cast

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p. The partnership between IBM and Zend is bearing fruit once again. Not satisfied with having PHP run on IBM’s i5/OS V5R4, now the two companies have put their heads together and “back ported”:http://www.zend.com/company/zend_news/announcements/2007/01/zend_announces_v5r3_compatibility_php_redbook_and_rpg_web_cast Zend Core for i5/OS to V5R3.

p. IBM is obviously as excited about having PHP on it’s System i machines as Zend is. Here’s a quote from Jim Herring, director of System i product management and business operations.

bq. PHP, which was brought to the System i platform through a partnership with Zend Technologies, has been downloaded close to 5,000 times by iSeries and System i5 shops running i5/OS V5R4, the current operating system release. In mid-December, Zend announced that it had put out a beta of Zend Core for i5/OS that will also integrate with OS/400 V5R3, the prior release, which has a much larger installed base. “I think this will open a lot more doors for PHP at a lot more customers, and I think you will see us take a more active role in promoting PHP on the System i,” said Herring. I asked if IBM was looking to partner with SugarCRM, the maker of the popular open source customer relationship management suite that is written in PHP. “We like Sugar,” is all that Herring would say, and you could hear him smile over the phone. And well IBM should. SugarCRM already has over 1,000 paying customers and over 1 million downloads.

p. In addition to the announcement about V5R3, Zend and IBM have also announced that IBM has released it’s “PHP: Zend for i5/OS”:http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg247327.html

bq. This IBM Redbook will help you install, configure, and become productive with PHP on System i using Zend Core for i5/OS and Zend Platform for i5/OS. If you are evaluating PHP, this book will also help by providing background information and comparisons with other tools.

p. Finally, if you are still wondering what all of this means to you as an RPG programmer, Zend announced that it will host a free webcast on **February 14th** titled “Why RPG programmers should care about PHP”. George Farr, iSeries Application Development overall solution manager for IBM, and Jon Paris from Partner400 will discuss PHP and RPG in detail. If this has piqued your interested, “click here”:http://www.systeminetwork.com/content/f3/index.cfm?fuseaction=webcast.enrollEnhancedWebcast&webcastID=447&issueID=5059&articleID=53676 to register.