Address Book Front-End Engineer – Sunnyvale, CA -US

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h3. Company:

Yahoo! Inc.

h3. Job Title:

Technical Yahoo! – Address Book Front-End Engineer

h3. Description:

Yahoo! Address Book, the #9 highest reach online telecom/internet services destination (12% of all US Home and work according to Nielsen//NetRatings – ahead of all of MSN messenger) is seeking to move its Front End experience deeper into the client (ala Ajax, Web2.0 or any Star Wars character reminiscent startup). We manage the personal information for hundreds of millions of users across most Y! properties for 33 countries/languages and 5 strategic cobrands. The current AB team is made almost exclusively of senior, Agile, dedicated engineers and maintains a focus on careful team growth while managing staggering integration and usage growth.

Your role would work closely with interactive designers, product managers and engineers to help move this experience to 2006 and beyond. The opportunity includes the ability to shape the UI across many Y! properties as well as websites which choose to integrate our experience via the Y! Dev Network.

h3. Minimum Job Qualifications

p. Candidates should possess a mastery of server side web development, CSS, HTML/XHTML, AJAX, Javascript and interactive design principles. Expertise in cross-browser, multi-language, multi-cobrand, accessibility and browser degredation strategies is also critical. S/he would bring a passion and dedication to getting the job done right and on time while having the wisdom to adapt the UI through ongoing evolution.

h3. Preferable Job Qualifications

*(disc) 5+ years PHP, Python, or Perl web development experience
* 5+ years cross-platform web developer experience
* 3+ years CSS
* 2+ years DHTML/Ajax using either JSON or XML as transport years
* 2+ building interfaces used in multiple spoken languages
* A quick learner who stays up on the industry and can educate co-workers appropriately
* Proven track record in launching world-class interactive experiences

h3. Bonus skills:

*(disc) Photoshop expertise
* CVS/Unix
* Bash or other shell scripting language
* some DB background
* Contact Manager or Address Book experience

p. If you are interested, contact jstone at yahoo-inc dot com