Zend Framework 0.7.0 Released

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p. Hi, this is Bill Karwin, Product Engineering Manager for the Zend Framework.

p. As I write this I am deploying Zend Framework Preview Release 0.7.0 to

p. This preview release is the result of a great effort from our Zend Framework community developers to create advanced PHP classes for internationalizing applications. The Zend_Locale, Zend_Date, Zend_Measure, and Zend_Translate classes enable you to bring your PHP project to a global audience by handling text, dates, and messages with best-practices methods, using an easy objected-oriented interface that is characteristic of Zend Framework components.

p. Many thanks especially to community developers Thomas Weidner, Andries Seutens, and Ahmed Shreef, and “Zend”:http://www.zend.com developers Gavin Vess and Alexander Veremyev and for their efforts to finish a lot of great code, tests, and documentation in a short time.

p. Zend Framework Preview Release 0.7.0 includes many significant features and enhancements:

*(disc) Locale-management component
* Locale-aware Date parsing and formatting class
* New translation-management component with gettext support
* Comprehensive class for working with measurements and conversions
* New prototype class for filtering and validation parameters
* New class for managing memory usage in PHP applications
* Many other improvements in current components such as MVC, Session, Gdata, HTTP Client, Search, XmlRpc, and others
* Many other enhancements to test suites and documentation.

p. Please also visit the Zend Framework development wiki “home page”:http://framework.zend.com/wiki/display/ZFDEV/Home.

p. Thanks again to all our contributors, coders, testers, and documentation translators. We’re looking forward to more great progress in Zend Framework 0.8.

p. Best regards,
Bill Karwin