Use Ajax with PHP and DB2 9 – Xajax

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p. Over at developerWorks, Deepak Vohra has written an “excellent article”: on getting up and running with PHP, ajax and IBM’s DB2-9.

p. For those of you not familiar with DB2, here’s a blurb from “it’s page”:

bq. DB2 9 (formerly codenamed “Viper”) is a leading edge hybrid data server capable of supporting both relational and pureXML storage. New features increase performance and scalability for both XML and relational data.

p. One of it’s great features is that there’s a free version. Details are available “here”: (You’ve just gotta love the tagline “**Free to develop, deploy, distribute: no limits, just data**”)

p. This article is targeted at developers new to PHP, DB2 and ajax. Deepak starts from the beginning, installing all the necessary pieces. Once everything is working the fun begins. the rest of the article walks you through writing a simple ajax call using the Xajax library. There is a lot of source code to cut-n-paste and everything is explained in detail. This is not a quickie article that you can blow through and be done with. Expect to spend some time with it, it’s long and there is a lot of ground covered.

p. If you are interested in getting to know ajax and/or DB2, this is a great primer article. Here’s a quick blurb form the beginning to give you a little taste.

bq. PHP is a scripting language commonly used in developing Web applications. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) is a Web technique that combines JavaScript, Document Object Model (DOM), and XMLHttpRequest technologies to provide dynamic interactions between a client and a server. Various PHP class libraries are available for using Ajax with PHP, among them Xajax, an open source, object-oriented, PHP class library. In this article, learn how to implement PHP, Ajax, and Xajax to develop a dynamic Web application solution accessing IBM DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

p. If you want more, you’ll have to click “here”:

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