PHP Security Tip #3

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p. Being Security conscious is a good thing but that alone won’t solve the problem. Developers have to be vigilant when it comes to security. Even then you can’t do it alone. Today’s Security tip reminds you of this.

Since your application may be harboring security vulnerabilities that you have not been exposed to, third-party security software or services should be considered to help bring a fresh perspective and find overlooked weaknesses.

p. As a developer you should have tools in your toolbox that will help you find security vulnerabilities in your applications. Tools like “Chorizo”: will help you by performing automated scans of your code. Programs like “PHPSecInfo”: will help you ensure that your environment is configured properly.

p. Using tools like these and other scanning tools should not be the only thing you do to ensure security. They are however, an important part of the mix. Let trusted projects and vendors help you build and maintain secure applications.


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