PRO::PHP Podcast Has Returned

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p. !>! That’s right podcast junkies, those intrepid souls over at “php|architect”: found the on-button on their microphone and are blasting once again into the ether.

p. “PRO::PHP”: Podcast is back on the air with the “March 20th Newscast”: Sean Coates and Paul Reinheimer host this marathon 70 minute long session as they discuss topics like:

*(disc) What’s been going on with the podcast
* What is going on with PHP
* “Chris Shifflett’s Amazon exploit revelation”:
* and a list of other topics too long to display here.

p. The website already lists the upcoming April 5th newscast and rumor has it that they might be posting an interview or two as well.

p. No word on an iTunes feed yet but for those using other feed-readers, the feed is “”: