PHP Security Tip #21

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p. Today’s PHP security tip is short, sweet and easily actionable. It fits in well with the theme of the last one, to stay vigilant. Here’s another resource for you to consider.

p. **If you are not already subscribed, you should subscribe to the Security Focus newsletter.**

p. If you are not subscribed, “click here”: to go to their mailing lists page and subscribe. You will see when you get there that they have 38 mailing lists, this begs the question, which one to join. The most popular and the busiest is their BugTraq list. This list is everything. Here’s their description of it.

bq. BugTraq is a full disclosure moderated mailing list for the *detailed* discussion and announcement of computer security vulnerabilities: what they are, how to exploit them, and how to fix them.

p. Join bugtraq today and start keeping current on the vulnerabilities announced for PHP in specific and more generally, applications you may be running on your server.

p. When it comes to building secure applications, information is your biggest asset.

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