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p. Back at PHPQuebec, I was standing in the back of the room for the closing ceremonies when Laura Thomson of OmniTI announced that they had officially opened “OmniTI”: Labs. Somehow, I passed over this fact in my PHPQuebec roundups, so let me correct that oversight now.

p. OmniTI has opened up some of the goodies they write and is sharing them with the rest of us. Here’s the description of OmniTI Labs from the “About”: page.

bq. OmniTI Labs is our name for some of the projects we generate while working on stuff for clients, for our products, or just on things that we think are cool. The website is a way for us to give this code back to the community.

p. Glancing over what has been released so-far, the “Library of Alexandria”: looks very promising. This is a PHP library of pieces they developed for different projects they have worked on. The “documentation”: for the library lists several interesting classes like:

*(disc) OmniTI_Callable
* OmniTI_Mail_Mailer
* OmniTI_Object
* OmniTI_OpenID

p. The last one should be of great interest to those wanting to play with “OpenID”:

p. According to the About page, different projects released at OmniTI Labs are covered under different licenses, but it has all been open sourced.

bq. All the code available through OmniTI Labs is under an Open Source license. In general we prefer the new BSD style license, but some projects may be historically licensed differently, or may need to be licensed differently for various reasons.

p. Pop over and take a look. This is one that you will definitely want to bookmark and revisit often. (Or just add the “feed”: to your feed reader and always be current.)