Syndicate Content with Zend Framework Zend_Feed Class

p. Alexander Netkachev has posted an “in-depth tutorial”: on using the Zend_Feed class to create an Atom feed for your site using Zend_Feed.

p. Alex walks readers through everything. He starts with class diagrams explaining the Zend_Feed and it’s associated classes and then moves into what you need to put into your feed. Finally he ties it all together with a sample controller to generate your feed.

bq. Content syndication is now a technology any site cannot live without. Just because it is the simplest method that keeps your readers updated with site news, new releases, blog posts, and dozens of other information channels.

p. All of Alex’s tutorials are well thought-out and well written, this one however, is better than most. If you are learning the Zend Framework, this is a tutorial to read. (and a great feed to subscribe to)

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