Ben Ramsey Posts Zend Framework View Notes

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p. !>! Ben Ramsey has been working with the Zend Framework lately and has posted “his notes”: on some new functionality in Zend_View for all to share.

bq. I’ve started using the “new way” of using views, which is still undocumented in the manual. Rather than create a new Zend_View object, tell it where my views are, and echo a call to its render() method, I’m letting the controller’s render() method do it all for me.

p. Ben gives details on how to set your project up and what you need to do for this new methodology to work.

p. This is not a full-blown tutorial on how to build an application using the Zend Framework but it is a great piece for anyone who has been working with previous versions and wants to get up to speed on the latest one.