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p. Spring is in the air and that can only mean one thing. The MySQL Conference and Expo can’t be far away. As a matter of fact, this annual spring rite is right around the corner.

p. “This year’s event”: takes place from April 23rd – April 26th in Santa Clara, CA. This year’s line up looks better than ever. In amongst all the database names and “Internet Luminaries”:, you’ll find a few names that PHP people will recognize.

*(disc) “George Schlossnagle”:
* “Andi Gutmans”:
* “Rasmus Lerdorf”:
* “Zak Greant”:
* “Bill Karwin”:
* “Damien Seguy”:
* “Lukas Kahwe Smith”:
* “Laura Thomson”:
* “Eli White”:

“I’ll even be there”:, Fedora in hand, participating in a panel discussion.

Of course The ever present, always jovial, “Jay Pipes”: will be there as well.

p. That’s a good lineup for any PHP conference. Considering that this is a MySQL conference, it means it is going to be packed full of good sessions. (Don’t you hate conferences with so many good sessions that you always end up missing something you wanted to see?)

p. At $1,495 for the full conference and tutorials, it’s a great bang for your buck. However, my friend Jay has asked me to extend a special offer to a few thousand of my closest friends. If you drop him an email at jay [at] mysql [dot] com he will give you a discount code worth 20% off the registration fee. That’s just a deal too good to be true.

p. For more information check out “this blog”:, visit their “main conference page”: or to register, “click here”:

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