Zend Core 2.0.1 Released

p. Zend is pleased to announce the release of “Zend Core 2.0.1”:http://www.zend.com/products/zend_core. This is a minor version that fixes some critical bugs and includes some important enhancements.

p. This includes:

*(disc) All “The month of bugs” security fixes (PHP 5.2.1 plus)
* Virtual Hosting Installation (up to 2000 VH)
* Vista 64 Bits support (32 mode)
* Adding PDO Drivers (PDO_MYSQL, PDO_PostgreSQL )
* Oci8 updated version
* Update phpMyAdmin
* Web Server detection improvements
* Zend Framework version auto-update
* Adding DB2 as an optional download
* Documentation enhancements
* Optimizer version 3.2.7

h3. Coming Releases:

p. In the next few weeks we plan to align all Cores’ products with this version and to release:

*(disc) Zend Core for Oracle 2.0.1
* Zend Core for IBM 2.0.1
* Zend Core for I5/os 2.0.1 (2.0 Beta already released)

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