Manual Lemos on Defensive Programming

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p. “Manuel Lemos”: posted the “PHPClasses newsletter”: recently and in it he posts 8 rules he uses for defensive programming.

bq. This article describes software development practices that have been used to prevent problems that can break Web sites. This message also explains recent changes that were made to the site newsletter user options to reduce the site bandwidth usage to keep the hosting costs on budget.

p. Manuel goes on to describe a problem he had, the issues he faced with PHPClass’ newsletter delivery system and 8 rules he uses to help minimize embarrassing programming errors. (In his case, to help him from accidentally sending out newsletters while testing)

p. Those of you who regularly read DevZone have read some of Manuel’s articles and know he is a great writer. It’s easy to recommend this article to anyone looking to hone their skills as a PHP developer.

p. =C=

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