Report from the Field: MySQL Conference and Expo

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p. “The yearly gathering MySQL users, DBAs, vendors and employees”: is in full-swing. Here’s a look at the first couple of days of activities.

p. Monday’s tutorials were very interesting. I missed out on the morning session but for the afternoon session I attended “Real-world MySQL Performance Tuning” given by Ask Bjorn Hansen and “Jay Pipes”: What a great session. I had seen the short version of Jay’s talk at “”: earlier this year but the long form was so much better.

p. Tuesday dawned bright but a bit too early for me. However I managed to down a cup of coffee and make it to the keynote on time. After the normal welcome and housekeeping churn, “Guy Kawasaki”: took the stage by storm. His speech was great, invigorating and all in all, a great way to kick off the conference.

p. Even though the sessions by “Rasum Lerdorf”:, “Laura Thomson”: and others were great session, I hate to say it but the keynote was the highlight of the day for me. Laura’s, PHP and MySQL Web App Security was still a very good session.

p. After lunch, I tried to squeeze into SQL AntiPatterns by Bill Karwin. (Bill is a fellow Zender and head of the “Zend Framework”: team) However by the time I got there, it was standing room only. From the comments I heard after the session, I’m sorry I didn’t stand in the back; apparently Bill wowed them.

p. Then came my session, I was on a panel discussion with several other community managers. (We don’t manage communities, we manage the relationship of our respective companies with their communities) It was really interesting and I think that the outcome will be a little tighter integration between the PHP and MySQL communities since there is so much overlap in the members. The session was better attended than I expected and the audience really got into the discussion in helping us find ways to make their lives easier.

p. Finally, the official day ended with a “Booth Crawl” in the expo hall. There was lots of good food, good booze and even a few T-Shirts. There were several great BoF sessions and I really wanted to attend them (Jay said his went well past midnight) however, some friends of mine, employees of “Jupiter Hosting”:, were playing softball about a mile away and I had to go cheer on “Desk Rage”.

p. The big news that was announced this morning was that “MySQL AB and IBM Announce Open Source Database Support”: Here’s a short quote:

bq. The two companies will work together to offer the MySQL Server for i5/OS, the flagship operating system for System i, and plan to deliver DB2 for i5/OS as a certified MySQL storage engine on the System i platform. This will allow System i customers to implement online and transactional MySQL applications while storing all data in a single, easy-to-manage DB2 database.

p. I know that’s interesting news for all the PHP developers working on i5.

p. For those of you who like playing with new toys, you can follow my thoughts on the conference semi-live (updated as I feel like it) on “”: