Report from the Field: MySQL Conference and Expo – Wrapup

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p. The stage is dark, ice cream has been served, and all the speakers have taken to the air. Let’s look back over our shoulder at what was the MySQL Conference and Expo before we set our sites on the next conference.

p. If you’ve ever attended an O’Reilly conference then you know the quality level that you can expect. The MySQL Conference and Expo was no different. From the materials and handouts to the sessions and speakers, the entire experience was top notch.

p. Wednesday started off with a fun session titled Clash of the Database Egos before the serious keynote Citizenship: Open Source Community Rewards and Responsibilities given by Bdale Garbee. Both session were great in their own way.

p. Since I didn’t have a session after Tuesday I started wandering through some of non-PHP session. Mark Atwood did a great session on his proof-of-concept code that builds a MySQL storage engine for the Amazon S3 system. While the code is not production ready, just listening to him talk you can begin to see that this has some serious potential.

p. Wednesday afternoon I attended Andi Gutmans’ “State of PHP” session. (Disclaimer: Andi is one of the founders of Zend. Zend is “he who pays the bills” at DevZone) It was a very good wrap-up of the state of where PHP is, and where things are headed.

p. Thursday’s keynote tag-team started with Rasmus Lerdorf presenting “PHP on Hormones” and was followed by Scaling MySQL at YouTube presented by Paul Tuckfield. Paul ran long and I wish I would have known that he was going to have an impromptu BoF session to finish his session. (I learned about it via twitter.) It was a very interesting talk even though YouTube faces problems most of us will never have to face, scale-wise.

p. Overall I attended some interesting sessions. The PHP sessions I went to (Andi, Laura, Bill, Rasmus) we all very good but the things that I saw at this conference that interested me the most were these.

*(disc) MySQL Announced that MySQL Workbench will be released this year. This is the product formerly known as DBDesigner and I used DBDesigner for 3-4 and loved it. (I was the person in the back that clapped when this was announced)
* Storage Engines for MySQL are a bigger deal than I realized. I’ve always worked with either MyISAM or InnoDB. But with firebird, CSV, S# and the newly announced DB2 engine, there really are some interesting choices.
* While it’s not MySQL related, the closing keynote was on Yahoo! Pipes and given by Pasha Sadri. I never got a chance to play with Pipes but I’ll have to say, it is truly an impressive system. The UI alone is just way cool.

p. So now I too pack my kit, grab my trusty Fedora, hop a cab and ride off into the sunset. I know that somewhere in this nutty world of ours, there’s another conference out there with PHP sessions. When I find it, trust, me, I’ll drop you a line and let you know what I find.

p. =C=

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