talks about PHP and the System i Community.

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p. TCM.nnet has published an article talking about the cooperation between Zend and IBM to bring PHP to the System i community. The article, titled “IBM System i Community Galvanizes Around PHP”:, talks about the collaboration between IBM and Zend to bring PHP to the System i Community. More importantly though it talks about the System i community’s response to PHP.

bq. “We entered into this relationship with Zend to bring the System i and PHP communities together, enabling our customers to quickly adapt to new challenges and opportunities while leveraging their current investments and assets,” said Mark Shearer, general manager IBM System i. “One benefit our customers are seeing is the ability to develop and put applications into production very quickly, sometimes within a few weeks. As today’s announcement shows, System i clients see the value of PHP on i5/OS.”

p. It’s a good article for those interested in System i or just excited to see PHP how the PHP community is growing.