Complex Views in the Zend Framework

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p. Padraic Brady has been posting a fascinating series of articles on his blog about complex views in the Zend Framework. If you are working with the Zend Framework or you are interested in a deep discussion about M-V-C then you’ll want to spend a lunch hour digesting these four articles.

p. It all started with this post, “Complex Web Pages with the Zend Framework?”: in which Padraic discusses the difficulty of building complex pages with the Zend Framework.

bq. We then decided to look at how the Zend Framework implements Views. In essence, the framework isn’t as developed in that respect as its peers. A simple page is easily built using a Zend_View instance, a PHP/HTML template for a list of entries, and a few view helpers and filters. After that however, a complex page becomes progressively more difficult. This is complicated in part by the growing practice of instantiating Views using a helper function on the Controller – unfortunately this is unusable since it introduces coupling making re-use more difficult in other applications where the View has been subclassed.

p. Padriac is not one to simply point out a problem, he likes solving them. So he goes on in the next three posts to solve the problem and explain in detail how he did so.

*(disc) “Complex Views with the Zend Framework – Part 2: View Helper Pattern”:
* “Complex Views with the Zend Framework – Part 3: Composite View Pattern”:
* “Complex Views with the Zend Framework – Part 4: The View Factory”:

p. If you are not familiar with Padraic “Maugrim The Reaper” Brady then trust me when I say you are in for a treat. His tutorials are always well written and even though they tackle some complex issues, they are easy to follow.