Smarty and the Zend Framework

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p. Maurice Fonk has written up a nice, short “tutorial on implementing Smarty from within the Zend Framework”:

bq. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a great fan of using “decent” template engines, and try to avoid writing views in php. I don’t want to discuss the reasons behind this in detail right now. I just believe that limiting yourself to a small set of template tags makes you think more about structuring your output and separating logic from design. Which is a good thing.

p. He goes on to describe what he sees are failings in the method described in “this article”: (written for an early version of the “Zend Framework”: and how he has overcome them.

p. It you are working with the Zend Framework, this is a good article to read. (and a good “blog”: to follow)

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