Zend Framework 1.0.0RC2 Released

p. We’re pleased to announce Zend Framework 1.0.0 Release Candidate 2.

Download it from “http://framework.zend.com/”:http://framework.zend.com/

p. This is the home stretch toward 1.0! Everyone has worked very hard for many months, and we are very close to finishing what we set out to do with Zend Framework 1.0. This Release Candidate is intended to show the complete set of features Zend Framework 1.0 has. Following the final 1.0 release, Zend Framework will continue to grow and improve, but there will be a great emphasis on maintaining backward-compatibility. That has been the mission of Zend Framework from the beginning, to provide a professional web framework with quality and stability.

There are a few noteworthy additions in this release:

*(disc) Zend_Gdata has a new object-oriented usage, making this client very similar to the interface of Gdata clients for other programming languages.
* Zend_Service_StrikeIron is a new web service client.
* We now provide separate downloadable packages for the documentation. The product download does not provide documentation, but you can view it online or download it for offline reading. The download page on the framework website has been redesigned.
* Zend_Db supports an option to turn off the automatic identifier quoting that it does by default.

p. There have been 38 issues fixed in this release since 1.0.0RC1. See the changelog for a list of issues addressed in Release 1.0.0RC2:

p. The next release will be in mid-June, and it will likely be a third release candidate.

Bill Karwin
Product Engineering Manager
Zend Technologies