BT Project Web21C

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p. Honestly, you have got to love any project with the tag line ” Do Less: Achieve More”. That’s a project mission statement written by a developer, not a marketeer. The British Telecom “Project Web21C”: helps you do less and achieve more. Project Web21C is part of BT’s larger 21st century network initiative called 21CN, an IP-based, multi-service network.

They have released APIs that let you access

*(disc) Messaging
* Voice
* Location
* Authentication
* Conference Call
* Profile
* Contacts

on their network. They have even released “sample PHP”: code to help you get started using these cool services.

Here’s a short blurb from the project’s main web site.

bq. Need to integrate highly secure services such as Messaging, Voice, Location, Authentication, Conference Call, Profile, or Contacts into an application? Now you can with as little as one line of code. We currently offer tools for .Net, Java, PHP, and Python, and we are developing additional innovative services to allow you to build ever more powerful solutions using BT’s global infrastructure.

p. According to “”:

bq. Given that often these APIs interact with phones and therefore the idiosyncrasies that entails, BT provides a set “Virtual Phones” that you can use in testing, each named after one of the Seven Dwarfs including “Bashful” that answers but disconnects after 3 seconds, “Grumpy” that always rings busy, and “Sleepy” the phone that never connects.

p. These APIs show promise and it’s great to see companies like BT realizing the value of APIs.