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Book Review: Producing Open Source Software

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I’ve been at a number of community run, focused, and attended conferences so far this year. And despite our celebration of the results and benefits of a community, we often forget all the effort that goes into the mechanics and operations behind the scenes.

SOLID OO Principles

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In Object Oriented Design, there are a handful of principles that should drive everything else. Ideally, we want everything to be “loosely coupled.” There are a variety of ways to accomplish that but generally as long as we keep the internals of classes hidden from one another, we’re on the right path. Further, we want everything to be “highly cohesive” where like things are together.. but is that enough?

Ralph Schindler on Dependency Injection in PHP

There's no way around it, we have class dependencies within our other functions, methods, etc. Within the PHP community, the argument isn't whether or not it makes sense. Our argument centers around: what is the best approach? Ralph Schindler – he works for a company called Zend – lays out the history, the arguments, and drops some useful conclusions..

My Favorite Design Patterns

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Earlier this week, I taught a "php|architect Live" session on Object Oriented Programming: Principles & Practice. While preparing for the course, I realized that despite regularly talking about Design Patterns in the PHP community, we primarily talk about just a few. So while we complain about Singletons and celebrate MVC, we leave out many of the others that can make our lives easier and our code better.

Web2project v2.3 Released

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While under development, we didn’t fully realize what all this release would entail. As this development cycle began, we had a perfect storm of events: a holiday break, a particularly motivated project team, a few moments of clarity, and an engaged community. These things gave us significantly more updates, fixes, and improvements for v2.3 than we expected…

Unit Testing Strategies

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High Code Coverage through extensive Unit Testing is the Holy Grail in software development. Theoretically, it would create an environment where the code could be debugged, re-factored, and extended while keeping a stable and overall clean system. Unfortunately, this is just about as elusive as the Holy Grail. So how can we do Unit Testing in the real world.

Conference Guide 201

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There's a certain smell in the air. In most of the Northern Hemisphere, we call it "Fall". In the PHP Community, we call it "Conference Season". We've just passed the International PHP Conference but still have ZendCon, DayCamp4Devs and CodeWorks around the corner.. will you be ready?