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Zend Server on Azure

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This article was contributed by Boaz Ziniman, Senior Director of Technology and Cloud Infrastructure at Zend.  Last time I wrote about Azure was in 2011. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO ousted Bob Muglia from Microsoft’s server and tools division, and the future of Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud offering, was far from being bright. 4 years down the road, Ballmer is no longer with… Read more »

Getting Started with Zend Server on Azure

Getting up and running with a PHP environment on the cloud just became a whole lot easier with Zend Server becoming available on Microsoft Azure. This tutorial takes you through the basic steps for getting started with Zend Server on Azure, and will demonstrate just how easy it is to start developing PHP apps with Zend Server on the cloud. What… Read more »

Z-Ray for Joomla

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Hi guys. This article will describe another Z-Ray extension developed by the PHP community, this time for Joomla. The extension was developed by Jisse Reitsma from Yireo, and can be found on GitHub here: Overview Let’s first take a  look at the information the extension displays. Config This first panel in the extension is kind of an overview panel providing general… Read more »

Extending Z-Ray

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One of the coolest new features added in Zend Server 8 is the ability to extend Z-Ray. This feature means that regardless of the app/framework/platform you’re developing, you can easily extend Z-Ray to extract and display the information you want. In fact, this ability was used to add Z-Ray support for popular PHP apps and frameworks. Zend Server comes built-in… Read more »

How to develop a Z-Ray Extension

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A new tutorial describing how to develop a Z-Ray extension was published on the Zend blog. The tutorial demonstrates just how easy it is to extend Z-Ray by adding new panels with information you think is important for your development work. Using the publicly available extension APIs (, you can easily customize existing Z-Ray panels, or plug in your own… Read more »

Zend Server and Z-Ray for Magento

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If you’re a Magento developer, performance is an issue you’ll be tackling more than once during an application’s life cycle. This is no big secret. Magento is an amazing platform for eCommerce sites. It’s robust and flexible, but even great things have their weaknesses. Magento’s robustness makes it heavy and complex – a crucial factor in development. To make sure… Read more »