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About Enrico Zimuel

Enrico is a Senior Software Engineer at Zend Technologies, where he works to the open source projects Apigility and Zend Framework. He did research on XML algorithms at the Informatics Institute of Amsterdam University. He is a TEDx speaker and international speaker about programming and computer security. He is author of articles and books about web development and applied cryptography. He is the co-founder of PHP User Group of Torino (Italy), where he lives and works remotely. For more information:

Splitting Zend Framework Using the Cloud

Recently, we released Zend Framework 2.5.0, which features a big change: we split the framework into separate components. Starting with this version, Zend Framework has become a metapackage container that aggregates the components via composer. If you go to the zendframework/zf2 repository, you will no longer see any code; the new repository contains a minimal structure with a composer.json resembling… Read more »