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Announcing Zend Studio 10.6

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We’ve just beefed up our PHP language support! The latest version of Zend Studio now fully supports PHP 5.5. PHP 5.5 support allows you to use features like generators, the finally keyword, new password hashing API, array and string literal dereferencing and more. Support includes content assist and syntax check as well as CLI script execution and built-in PHP 5.5.7… Read more »

BOOK: Zend Framework 2.0 by Example – Beginners Guide

Zend Framework 2.0 by Example – Beginners Guide PACKT Publishing $49.99 (USD) 208 Pages PACKT Publishing publishes books on lots of open source topics. Often very specific and cutting edge topics. That specificity can make the audience for such a book smaller that the already relatively small market for software development books.  So the price of the paper version might… Read more »

Announcing Zend Server 6.2

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Today at ZendCon Europe, we announced the immediate availability of Zend Server 6.2! This release enhances its capabilities as a platform for continuous delivery of PHP apps: Enhanced deployment automation workflow lets users manage and provision apps’ virtual host configurations cluster-wide (including SSL vhost configuration for secure sites) Improved library management allows users to automate the download and deployment of… Read more »

Announcing Zend Studio10.5

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We are very excited to announce the availability of Zend Studio 10.5 This release is significantly faster and provides major improvements for some of the most common technologies used in every-day PHP development, which will greatly enhance your Zend Studio experience. Key improvements include: Fastest Zend Studio ever – The latest release analyzes your projects up to twice as fast… Read more »

In a world of mobile and cloud technologies, do IT certifications still matter?

IT certifications have long been touted as a ticket to job security and career advancement. Today, however, the cloud has fundamentally changed the nature of IT. It’s no longer about being an infrastructure expert or a code specialist. IT workers must adopt more versatile roles. Certifications still matter, but not in the way that they used to. Read Andi Gutmans entire guest… Read more »

Special training offer for ZendCon attendees only!

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Interested in updating your (or your team’s) skills? You’re probably already aware that Zend offers a full range of online training to help developers go deep on PHP and Zend Framework, including classes that lead to certification. But did you know that ZendCon attendees get special benefits available only to developers attending the conference? [ Read more HERE ]

Announcing the ZendCon 2013 App Contest Winner

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Thanks to all the contestants who entered applications in this year’s ZendCon App Contest. We received several great apps, but the final vote was unanimous. Meet Espen Hovlandsdal … The winner of this years ZendCon App Contest. Espen Hovlandsdal has been doing web development for as long as he can remember. He is currently a software architect working at the… Read more »

Set up a Complete PHP Environment on Linux with Vagrant

Guest Post by Ran Argaman This post will explain how to install a fully functional Linux PHP environment using Vagrant and Oracle’s VirtualBox on a windows host machine. “Host” stands for the machine that the virtual machines are running on, not necessary to be a physical machine. We will use Microsoft’s Windows 7 on this example. Linux virtual environments on… Read more »