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Q&A : Yard Internet – The 10,000th Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)

Yard Internet Q&A for Zend Yard Internet is a Utrecht, Netherlands-based full-service Internet agency. Their team of 20+ employees offers consultancy, design, technical implementation, hosting and support. Data-driven dynamic websites comprise their main business; they build these sites mainly using software they built in house called Scrivo, which is now an open-source CMS project. Yard Internet has used Scrivo and… Read more »

Announcement : Google’s Peter S Magnusson to Keynote ZendCon 2013

Zend is excited to announce that the mid-day keynote on the first official conference day at ZendCon 2013 will be presented by Peter S Magnusson, Director of Engineering at Google. Title:               The rise of the Cloud Native developer Date:               October 8, 2013 PM Speakers:       Peter S Magnusson Google has spent years building out some of the most robust and scalable infrastructure… Read more »

Guest Post : PHP’s Remarkable Hexadecimals

Guest Post by Sharon Lee Levy, ZCE Intro During the past year, I have been giving a presentation whose title varies between “PHP: Numerics and Wizardry” and “PHP: Quirks, Gotchas & Wizardry” Both talks discuss among other topics, hexadecimal support in PHP.  While it is true that the use cases for hexadecimals are less frequent now than in the past,… Read more »

Installing Zend Server – Port 80 In use

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I got a brand new ASUS Desktop machine last weekend. It came with Windows 8 and a collection of “featured software” per-installed. Of course the first thing I wanted to do was set the machine up for PHP development by installing Zend Server. To my surprise Zend Server reported that port 80 was already in use! Of course, I could… Read more »

Build a Headquarters for Your Code Libraries

“Let’s get our ducks in a row before we start shooting.” – David Martin [1] Ever notice those hidden inefficiencies caused by your applications’ code libraries? Patching and maintaining multiple copies of libraries, one per application, is a waste of time and a good way for errors to creep into the process Keeping multiple versions of a library on a server… Read more »

Connecting Zend Studio to Zend Debugger over an SSH Tunnel

This article applies to: [ Zend Studio, Zend Server ] [ All operating systems ] Overview Normally, Zend Studio initiates the remote debugging session by sending a regular HTTP request to the debug server. This HTTP request contains return address parameters (IP address and port number) that the Zend Debugger uses when starting a new connection to Zend Studio in… Read more »

Remote Debugging and Breakpoints

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This article applies to: [ Zend Studio ] [ All operating systems ] Preface One of the most common remote debugging scenarios for a PHP developer using Zend Studio is this: Opening the source code. Setting the breakpoints in the relevant project. Running a debug session. Following the execution of the application by monitoring/controlling the run-time environment at breakpoints. The… Read more »