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Zend Platform Performance Tuning on IBM i

Zend Platform on IBM I provides many benefits including monitoring and advanced debugging. One of the many key features of Zend Platform is caching. In a nutshell, Zend Platform caches PHP scripts and content in a byte-code format to improve performance. This is an extremely useful feature, especially when you start exploring frameworks like Zend Framework or Cake. Zend Platform has many dials and controls which affect caching on the IBM i. We are going to explore how a few of them work and shed some light on their purpose.

Hey i5’er: Who’s in charge of your career?

I have been with Zend for a little over six months now and boy has it been an exciting time. With the economy at near record peaks and valleys, the value proposition of Open Source solutions is stronger than ever. Both software vendors and SAAS providers are watching their balance sheets very closely. Today, more than ever, folks are taking a second and third look at Open Source solutions. Those that have been playing have a decided advantage. Those that are looking now are wise to explore what the community has to offer. Especially when you consider that you can take an open source application, load it on your Power i and be up and running in less than a day! Integration might take a little longer, but the trip gets a lot shorter as a result of running the solution on Power i .