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Zend Server Web API Spotlight: Versioning

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Hey everybody, One of the nagging problems of APIs everywhere is that of Versioning – the ability of an API to adapt its behavior based on the version requested by the client. The Zend Server Web API confronts the problem of Versioning and strikes a compromise between maintainability and usability. In this post we will go over Zend Server’s particular… Read more »

Zend Server WebAPI spotlight: WebAPI 101

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Zend Server WebAPI example code

Hey everybody, My name is Yonni Mendes. I’m the Technological Lead for the Zend Server UI and WebAPI. I’ve been with Zend Server 6 since it was a spark in a product manager’s eye. I’m happy to have seen Zend Server 6 go through planning, design, development and deployment. This is the first in a series of posts about the… Read more »

Announcing Zend Server 6.2

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Today at ZendCon Europe, we announced the immediate availability of Zend Server 6.2! This release enhances its capabilities as a platform for continuous delivery of PHP apps: Enhanced deployment automation workflow lets users manage and provision apps’ virtual host configurations cluster-wide (including SSL vhost configuration for secure sites) Improved library management allows users to automate the download and deployment of… Read more »

Announcing Zend Studio10.5

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We are very excited to announce the availability of Zend Studio 10.5 This release is significantly faster and provides major improvements for some of the most common technologies used in every-day PHP development, which will greatly enhance your Zend Studio experience. Key improvements include: Fastest Zend Studio ever – The latest release analyzes your projects up to twice as fast… Read more »

Installing Zend Server – Port 80 In use

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I got a brand new ASUS Desktop machine last weekend. It came with Windows 8 and a collection of “featured software” per-installed. Of course the first thing I wanted to do was set the machine up for PHP development by installing Zend Server. To my surprise Zend Server reported that port 80 was already in use! Of course, I could… Read more »

Build a Headquarters for Your Code Libraries

“Let’s get our ducks in a row before we start shooting.” – David Martin [1] Ever notice those hidden inefficiencies caused by your applications’ code libraries? Patching and maintaining multiple copies of libraries, one per application, is a waste of time and a good way for errors to creep into the process Keeping multiple versions of a library on a server… Read more »

Celebrating the release of Zend Server 6.1 and Zend Studio 10.1

The Zend Cupertino Team celebrating the official release  of Zend Server 6.1 and Zend Studio 10.1 What’s new ? In Zend Server 6.1 … Support for the Nginx web server PHP code library management Enhanced mobile and web user dashboards and metrics Get the details HERE. In Zend Studio 10.1 Create and manage code libraries for deployment with Zend Server… Read more »

Zend Server 6 in shared (VPS) hosting accounts.

Zend Server is well known to be a premier PHP Application Server for enterprise production class applications. But why shouldn’t ALL PHP application deployments enjoy the same level of production quality, performance, and management? Historically, you either paid big bucks for dedicated / managed hosting, or you paid  $9.99 per month for a shared hosting account and gambled on the… Read more »

Installing and Configuring Zend Server 6 on Apple Mac OSX

If you’re a web developer and your development machine is a Mac you have likely discovered that  “Web Sharing” was removed from OSX Mountain Lion. There are a few tutorials on the web that can walk you through getting a PHP stack set up on the Mac, but they all describe somewhat more work than necessary. Since Zend Server free edition offers… Read more »