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The ZendCon Sessions Episode 25: (In)secure Ajax-y Websites with PHP

Presenting the latest edition of The ZendCon Sessions. The podcast that rebroadcasts sessions/talks from the last ZendCon PHP Conference. This episode of The ZendCon Sessions was recorded live at ZendCon 2008 in Santa Clara, CA and features Christian Wenz giving his talk: “(In)secure Ajax-y Websites with PHP”

Building AJAX Applications with PHP and HTML_AJAX

Unless you’ve spent the past couple of years down a rabbit hole, you’ve already heard about AJAX: it’s a technique that combines asynchronous client-server communication with a set of existing toolkits (JavaScript, CSS, the DOM) to selectively update parts of a Web page, instead of the traditional “full page reload”. This produces applications that are quicker and more responsive to user input, resulting in a better user experience.

But what does all this have to do with PHP, you ask? Well, PHP is commonly used on the server end of the connection, to handle AJAX requests and send back responses. But that isn’t all it can do – with a little PEAR package called HTML_AJAX, you can use PHP to significantly simplify the work that goes into building and deploying an AJAX application.

That’s where this article comes in. Over the next few pages, I’m going to give you a quick run-down on the PEAR HTML_AJAX class, together with a few examples of how you can use it to AJAX-ify various Web applications. Keep reading, and be prepared to be amazed!

phpGG Frontend Special: client-side event on January 24th, in The Netherlands

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The new year has just started, and to start off well the dutch PHP usergroup (phpGG) is organizing a frontend-oriented event. This event is intended for developers who get in touch with client-side technology. Not just PHP developers, also frontend developers, and everyone who has to deal with frontend stuff in some way. Whether you deal with frontends on a daily basis, or are curious to the possibilities of making a new application more attractive in a graphical sense, you can’t miss out on this day. Besides all this, it’s also an excellent opportunity to get a (free!) membership of phpGG!

Ajaxian.com announces two PHP Wrappers for ExtJS

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p. ajaxian.com recently posted an article talking about two PHP wrappers for ExtJS. If you are not familiar with ExtJS or if you’ve been considering dipping your toe in the Ajax ocean but weren’t sure where to start, this is a good post to read.

The ZendCon Sessions Episode 6: Project Management Methods to Maintain IT Standards

Welcome to The ZendCon Sessions. This episode of The ZendCon Sessions was recorded live at ZendCon 2007 in Burlingame, CA. We hope you enjoy today’s session as we listen to Eric David present “Project Management Methods to Maintain IT standards”.


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For our presentation on PHP and RIA PowerPoint Slides Stas and I improved the chat application by Padraic Brady, featured in the “Ajax Chat Tutorial” and added a number of capabilities to show more advanced concepts in the Zend Framework.

30 Minutes with Paul Reinheimer

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p. Many of you will recognize the name Paul Reinheimer as the primary instructor for php|architect’s training classes. Others will recognize him as one of the two hosts of the podcast “PRO::PHP Podcast”. Still others know him as the author of “Professional Web APIs with PHP” from Wrox Press, the only book I’ve ever seen to get such a colorful review from Ed Finkler. If you do know Paul, either in person or on-line, then you know that he always has a smile on his face and he is never too busy to help you with a PHP issue.

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with this young but rising star in the PHP community last year at php|works. Now, after sitting way too long on the shelf, I’ve finally had enough time to finish this interview and present it to you.

Use Ajax with PHP and DB2 9 – Xajax

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p. Over at developerWorks, Deepak Vohra has written an excellent primer on getting up and running with PHP, ajax and IBM’s DB2-9. Let’s take a look at it.