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Race Conditions with Ajax and PHP Sessions

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p. Over at thwartedefforts there’s a great post about Race Conditions. If you think that’s referring to whether the track is wet or not then this may not be the post you are looking for. However, if you know what “Race Conditions” are and how it applies to AJAX and PHP, you’ll want to read this one. Click on in and I’ll give you the low-down.

2 Thumbs Up for A/R/T’s “Visual Rating System” article.

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Marcus, over at php|architect’s Article Repository has just released a cool new article titled Writing an AJAX-based Visual Rating System with PHP, written by Marco Tabini. I feel compelled to give it two tumbs up!

PHP and AJAX in 2 easy steps.

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p. IBM has done it again. Their Developerworks site has published a 2 part textbook primer on getting started with AJAX from the perspective of a PHP developer.

A Week in PhpWorld #4

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Welcome back to the phpworld – looking once more at what happened last
week to PHP and it’s people! Actually the last week was dominated by two
big events: first off the the php|tek in Orlando, Florida and
thereafter the MySQL User
Conference in Santa Clara, California. But also other things happened
beside these conferences, so read on.

Consuming Google Calendars with the Zend Framework

A couple of weeks ago, Google jumped into the online calendar space by launching Google Calendar (um, beta). The application is chock-full of Ajaxy goodness and plenty of features, but I’m here to talk about what you can do with your calendar data behind the scenes. Using some handy tools from the Swiss Army Knife that is the Zend Framework, I’ll show you how to pull data from your Google Calendar into your site. Just for kicks, I’ll also throw in a caching layer to keep things fast and reduce the network traffic between your server and Google.