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Creating a REST API with PHP

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On his blog Ian Selby wrote a tutorial that takes you from ground up in building a REST API using PHP. It explains what REST is, why you would consider it over SOAP, and then step by step takes you through constructing the code to make it all happen.

Building a Web Service Client using the Zend Framework

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An excellent article has been posted on Federico Cargnelutti’s blog that steps the reader through the process of consuming a Web Service and building an application based upon it. In this example he builds a simple class that extends Zend_Rest_Client, that allows easy access to the Digg API.

PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 35: An Advanced Look at APIs

Today’s special guest is Davey Shafik. Davey Shafik is a full time developer with 10 years experience in PHP and related technologies. He is an author of both books and magazines and no stranger to the regular listeners of PHP Abstract. Today, Davey is going to talk to take an advanced look at APIs.

fav.or.it Releases API

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fav.or.it has recently announced on its blog that it has released their first API that opens up their services to outside developers. Currently, they only support three services but I’m sure we can look forward to more in the near future.

BT Project Web21C

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p. Honestly, you have got to love any project with the tag line ” Do Less: Achieve More”. That’s a project mission statement written by a developer, not a marketeer. The British Telecom Project Web21C helps you do less and achieve more. They have released APIs that let you access Messaging, Voice, Location, Authentication, Conference Call, Profile, and Contacts on their network. They have even released sample PHP code to help you get started using these cool services.

phpPaypalPro version 0.1.1 has been released

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The first release of phpPaypalPro is now available for public download. This program contains very promising features that simplifies the process of integrating with the Website Payments Pro API from Paypal.

Preventing Unwanted Access to Your API

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p. Ok, so you’ve written a cool new Web API and you’ve written l33t JavaScript to call it from your page. The problem is, anybody who views your source can see how you call your new toy and use it for their own nefarious purposes. Granted, sometimes this is what you want but there are times when you want to keep your toys to yourself. For those times, here is a quick trick you can implement that will help thwart most evil doers.

Consuming Webthumb’s API in PHP

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p. Joshua Eichorn, author of “Understanding AJAX”, has written a cool web service called “Webthumb. Let’s take a look at it and look at some code to use it.

Webthumb Contest

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p. Joshua Eichorn is running a contest with his new API for his “Webthumb” API. Sling code, Win prizes! Click on in and I’ll give you the details.