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30 Minutes With Wez Furlong

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p. This past year at OSCON I interviewed a lot of people, I mean a lot. I’ve still got more to come after this one. The fun part about the whole OSCON interview series was that almost one half of the interviews I did worked at OmniTI. Here now is my interview with Wez Furlong.

30 Minutes with Theo Schlossnagle

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p. This is another in a series of interviews I’ve been conducting as I travel to different conferences. Most of the people I get the chance to interview are directly involved with PHP in some way. This interview is a bit different. Theo Schlossnagle is the founder of OmniTI, one of the premier PHP consulting companies in the world. OmniTI consults with companies all around the globe on issues ranging from architecture to security.

A review of “Scalable Internet Architectures”

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p. Theo Schlossnagle, the founder of OmniTI, recently released his first book titled “Scalable Internet Architectures”. If you buy tech book by weight, this is not a good value because it weighs in at a paltry 2 lbs. If you want more than that then you’ll have to click through.

An Interview With George Schlossnagle

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p. George Schlossnagle’s un-official PHP Trading card describes him like this:

bq. George Schlossnagle builds high performance email systems at OmniTI, Inc. He’s also a frequent contributor to PHP and has years of hands-on experience in building large-scale PHP sites and applications.

p. At OSCON06, I sat down and talked to him about email, PHP and performance. Read on to find out what he had to say.

Interview with Laura Thomson

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p. One of the great perks of my job is that I get to sit down with people and talk about PHP. I’ll talk to just about anyone about how they are using PHP, what problems they have solved using PHP, or just about anything PHP related. However, most of you don’t care how my aunt implemented a PHP based photo gallery for the family so I’ll stick to publishing the interviews I think you will find interesting. Here is one of those interesting interviews.