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Integrating PHP with System i using Web Services

As is the case with most development teams tasked with maintaining legacy applications, most System i shops continue to maintain valuable data that is trapped within their legacy applications. In most cases, these applications are not easily integrated with outsides applications or services. However, System i developers now have a new tool in their toolbox, PHP. PHP provides the tools System i developers need to easily expose their data and services to external applications via Web Services. Utilizing PHP and Zend’s developer tools, Web Services can easily be written to wrap existing programs.

Andi Gutmans on RedMonk Podcast

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Andi Gutmans, co-founder of Zend, my boss, and all around nice guy, has recorded a podcast with James Governor and Coté of RedMonk. Click on inside and I’ll give you the skinny.

ITJungle.com on System i5/OS and PHP

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p. Alex Woodie, over at itjungle.com, has just published an article on the progress of PHP on System i. Come on inside and I’ll give you the Executive Briefing.

MySQL on i5/OS Example

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p. MySQL is an open source database that has gained popularity in the web application world and is used in most of the leading/hot PHP (Hypertext Pre Processor) applications. Now that System i is a supported hardware platform for PHP with the availability of Zend Core for i5/OS, we have documented instructions for downloading, installing and running MySQL in the Portable Application Solution Environment (PASE) on the System i. MySQL is not an IBM i5/OS supported environment, use accordingly.

DB2 for i5/OS sample

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Now that you have PHP, Zend Core, and DB2 up and running on i5/OS you need something to run on it. Here is a sample application you can play with that shows off these complimenting technologies.