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Marco Tabini Talks about php|tek

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p. Last week, Marco Tabini, publisher of php|architect and all around nice guy, posted the “Call For Papers” for php|tek 2007. The theme this year is PHP::innovate(). Since I couldn’t find my “marketing speak to English” dictionary I decided to call Marco and see if he could translate it for me manually. Click on inside and I’ll share with you what I learned.

Ed Finkler Talks About PHPSecInfo

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p. Recently the PHP Security Consortium released their latest project phpsecinfo. Phpsecinfo was conceived and written by Ed Finkler who works at CERIAS, the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security. Intrigued as much by this project, as I was by the fact that Ed wrote me and told me it was time for me to interview him, I called Ed and we talked about the project. Click on inside and read what he had to say.

Tim Bray Explains Why Solaris is a Good Choice for PHP Developers

p. Tim Bray, entrepreneur, developer and a major contributor to the XML and Atom web standards will be part of a panel discussion titled “How Do The Stacks Stack Up?” at the upcoming ZendCon. I caught up with him via Skype to ask him why he thinks Solaris is a good choice for PHP developers. Click on inside and grab a chair, let’s see what he has to say.

30 Minutes with Jeremy Johnstone

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p. I’ll have to admit that when I sat down to interview Jeremy Johnstone at OSCON I didn’t know who he was or anything about him. Most of the other interviews I at least knew who they were and what they had done with/for PHP. I had nothing on Jeremy, all I knew was that he was speaking at OSCON and he worked at Yahoo. As it turns out, it was a very interesting interview. Not for the normal reasons though. If you want more, you’ll have to come inside and read the interview.

Te Smith talks about ZendCon

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p. One of the great things about my job is the people I get to work with on a daily basis. One of the people that make the experience so much fun is Ms. Te Smith. Te is managing the details of the coming ZendCon so I thought I’d call her up and see how things are shaping up. If you want more than that it will cost you a mouseclick.

30 Minutes with Theo Schlossnagle

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p. This is another in a series of interviews I’ve been conducting as I travel to different conferences. Most of the people I get the chance to interview are directly involved with PHP in some way. This interview is a bit different. Theo Schlossnagle is the founder of OmniTI, one of the premier PHP consulting companies in the world. OmniTI consults with companies all around the globe on issues ranging from architecture to security.

An Interview With George Schlossnagle

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p. George Schlossnagle’s un-official PHP Trading card describes him like this:

bq. George Schlossnagle builds high performance email systems at OmniTI, Inc. He’s also a frequent contributor to PHP and has years of hands-on experience in building large-scale PHP sites and applications.

p. At OSCON06, I sat down and talked to him about email, PHP and performance. Read on to find out what he had to say.

30 Minutes with Adam Trachtenberg

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This is another installment in the series of interviews I conducted at OSCON 2006. This one is with Adam Trachtenberg of ebay’s Web Services Department. It covers a variety of topics including his introduction into PHP, how he came to work at ebay, upgrading to PHP 5 and some forward lookng topics. Adam is the senior manager of Platform Evangelism at eBay, where he preaches the gospel of the eBay platform to developers and businessmen around the globe.

Click the magic [ more ] button to be transported to Portland Oregon for 30 minutes with Adam Tracthenberg.