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XML- RPC Client

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This tutorial teaches you, step-by-step, how to build an XML-RPC client in PHP using the XML-RPC library written by Edd Dumbill. It covers each of the PHP classes you will be using, and how they fit together to form the final client.

A primer is included to introduce the basics of the XML-RPC specification. The primer provides enough information to work with the XML-RPC library. If you want to learn more about the XML-RPC specification see http://www.xmlrpc.com.

Migrating applications from PHP 4 to Zend Core 2.5 with support for IBM Informix on Linux Platform.

There are many business web applications written in PHP4 that use the Informix module for data access. PHP4 is no longer supported and as a result will not be issued any more fixes or releases. Since version 5.2, the Informix module is no longer available for the PDO module.

In this article I’ll to describe how to compile and install the Informix module on the Zend Core 2.5 (PHP 5.2.6)

Cheat Sheet: PHP 4 Versus PHP 5

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Adam Hosker has an interesting blog post on his Zend PHP 5 Certification Blog, summarizing the key differences between PHP 4 and PHP 5. His post discusses differences in basic language features, the object model, magic methods, extensions and error management.

This is essential reading for both PHP beginners as well as for candidates cramming for the Zend Certification test. And while you’re in the mood to learn new stuff, also take a look at his tips for how to be a good PHP coder!

Marco Tabini – Now showing: PHP’s true colours

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p. On his blog, “The Accidental Businessman”, Marco Tabini, publisher of php|architect, has a new blog entry talking about PHP 4’s End of Life, “The dark art of running PHP”, and some advice for those running hosting companies.

PHP 5.2.2 Released

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p. The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate availability of PHP 5.2.2 and availability of PHP 4.4.7. These releases are major stability and security enhancements of the 5.x and 4.4.x branches, and all users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to it as soon as possible.

Flash and PHP in On-Line Gaming

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p. Athlon Sports is tucked away in a non-descript building near downtown Nashville. Inside is a 40 year old company, well respected in their field that has been, not so quietly, moving into the world of on-line games.

PHP 4.4.6 Released

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Derick Rethans, Master and Commander of the PHP 4 tree, announced yesterday that version 4.4.6 has been released.