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5.2 to 5.3 migration

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The new release of PHP 5.3 brought many important additions and changes to PHP. Although longly awaited, some of the changes are not backwards compatible. To help convert your web application to 5.3, I am sharing a helpful script that quickly inspects your application for potential migration problems.

PHP DOM XML extension encoding processing

I recently worked with PHP’s DOM XML extension while working on Zend Framework’s
Zend_Search_Lucene HTML highlighting capabilities, and uncovered some
undocumented features and issues with the extension in regards to character
encoding. The information contained in this article should also apply to
other libxml-based DOM implementations, as PHP’s DOM extension simply wraps
that library.

PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 43: Future of PHP and Standards

It’s about time for some more PHP Abstract! In this episode I sit around a table with Keith Casey and Cal Evans as we ramble on a bit discussing the future of PHP (including PHP 5.3 and PHP 6) as well as talking about the framework standards group that has been formed. This was recorded while at php|tek in Chicago, before PHP 5.3 was released.

Migrating applications from PHP 4 to Zend Core 2.5 with support for IBM Informix on Linux Platform.

There are many business web applications written in PHP4 that use the Informix module for data access. PHP4 is no longer supported and as a result will not be issued any more fixes or releases. Since version 5.2, the Informix module is no longer available for the PDO module.

In this article I’ll to describe how to compile and install the Informix module on the Zend Core 2.5 (PHP 5.2.6)