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Use Excel business logic in PHP

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In many companies, business logic resides in Excel. This business logic is sometimes created by business analysts and sometimes by business users who want to automate parts of their everyday job using Excel. This same Excel-based business logic is often copied into an application (i.e. a website) and is maintained on 2 places: if the Excel logic changes, the application should also be modified.

Sample Chapter From Pro PHP, Patterns, Frameworks, Testing and More

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p. My buddy Julie Miller over at apress has come through for us again. Today you get a double bonus. You get to check out a sample chapter of “Pro PHP, Patterns, Frameworks, Testing and more” by Kevin McArthur. You also get a great tutorial on SPL!

The Standard PHP Library (SPL)

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As its name implies, the goal of the Standard PHP Library-or SPL, for short – is to provide a standard library of interfaces that allows developers to take full advantage of object-oriented programming in PHP 5. This library of interfaces creates a standard API for certain kinds of built-in functionality, allowing your classes to interact with the PHP engine in a much more seamless manner. The functionality it provides includes, for example, the ability to define how your objects will react when iterated over with foreach, advanced array access, file and directory access, and advanced SimpleXML object handling. The largest chunk of functionality that the SPL provides comes in the form of iterators.

PHP 5.2.4 Released

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The PHP development team would like to announce the immediate availability of PHP 5.2.4. This release focuses on improving the stability of the PHP 5.2.X branch with over 120 various bug fixes in addition to resolving several low priority security bugs. All users of PHP are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

Zend Framework and the New Hybrid Designer

Having a background in design, I’ve always felt a bit of a fake discussing web programming, however, the fact is that more and more designers are demonstrating that the whole left brain versus right brain, creativity versus logic idea is not as clear cut as is too often portrayed. While a good sense of aesthetics is important, it does not in itself directly equate to a well designed product. This is particularly true with web design, as a recent Web 2.0 Expo session entitled “The New Hybrid Designer” put it; “modern web design requires the coding savviness of a developer coupled with the aesthetics and user awareness of a designer”. In this article I’d like to expand on an idea, put forward in that session, that choosing a decent platform or framework can provide an easier route into more productive development. The article is targeted at readers who already have experience working with PHP and are eager to improve their skills but don’t necessarily have the background to know what they should be learning.