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Work with XML Data in the Zend Framework

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One of the incubator projects in the Zend Framework is Zend_Db_Xml. Zend_Db_Xml, also known as the XML Content Store (XCS), allows web applications that use XML data to easily update, save, and otherwise manage this data. In this article I will introduce the XCS persistence API and discuss an implementation using IBM’s DB2 9 database with its pureXML technology. Finally, I’ll discuss a sample social networking application to show how easy and fun it is to develop XML-centric applications using the XCS.

Pro PHP XML and Services Sample Chapter

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p. ProPHPXMLandWebServices


p. Robert Richards and Apress have published a definitive tome on PHP and XML. They were kind enough to send over a PDF of a chapter for us to publish here on DevZone. Click [ more] to find out **which** chapter (Hint, it’s **not** the Appendix) and to get the link to view it.



XML in PHP 5 – What’s New?

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In today’s Internet world, XML isn’t just a buzzword anymore, but a widely accepted and used standard. Therefore XML support was taken more seriously for PHP 5 than it was in PHP 4. In PHP 4 you were almost always faced with non-standard, API-breaking, memory leaking, incomplete functionality. Although some of these deficiencies were dealt with in the 4.3 series of PHP 4, the developers nevertheless decided to dump almost everything and start from scratch in PHP 5.

This article will give an introduction to all the new exciting features PHP 5 has to offer regarding XML.


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p. When people ask me “What is SimpleXML?” I often quip, “XML is the solution to all your problems; SimpleXML ensures it isn’t the root of your problems!”

PHP SOAP Extension

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p. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a lightweight XML-based protocol for exchanging structured information between distributed applications over native web protocols, such as HTTP. SOAP specifies the formats that XML messages should use, the way in which they should be processed, a set of encoding rules for standard and application-defined data types, and a convention for representing remote procedure calls and responses.

p. Web Services is a modern and very popular technology. The list of protocols and technologies related to Web Services grows every day, but SOAP is probably the most important. It is rapidly becoming the standard protocol for accessing Web Services. It uses XML messages to exchange information across endpoints, and provides several advantages over other binary protocols. RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) support was originally a minor element in the design of SOAP, but this feature is one of the most useful it has today.

p. PHP 5’s SOAP extension is the first attempt to implement the SOAP protocol for PHP in C. It has some advantages over the existing implementations written in PHP itself, the main one being speed. The extension is currently marked as experimental, but should gradually become more stable and reliable as time progresses.

p. The SOAP extension implements a large subset of SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2 and WSDL 1.1 specifications. The key goal is to use the RPC feature of the SOAP protocol. WSDL is used where possible in order to make the implementation of Web Services more straightforward.