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Zend Server Web API Spotlight: Versioning

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Hey everybody, One of the nagging problems of APIs everywhere is that of Versioning – the ability of an API to adapt its behavior based on the version requested by the client. The Zend Server Web API confronts the problem of Versioning and strikes a compromise between maintainability and usability. In this post we will go over Zend Server’s particular… Read more »

Zend Server WebAPI spotlight: Asynchronous Actions

Hey Everybody, Today we’ll discuss WebAPI asynchronous actions – requests that respond immediately but have not actually completed yet. In the previous Spotlight, we took a look at the basic steps of connecting to and using the Zend Server WebAPI. Many of the available WebAPI actions, will return immediate and final responses. These responses may not be immutable, as the… Read more »

Zend Server WebAPI spotlight: WebAPI 101

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Zend Server WebAPI example code

Hey everybody, My name is Yonni Mendes. I’m the Technological Lead for the Zend Server UI and WebAPI. I’ve been with Zend Server 6 since it was a spark in a product manager’s eye. I’m happy to have seen Zend Server 6 go through planning, design, development and deployment. This is the first in a series of posts about the… Read more »

New Zend Studio, New Zend Server, Cloud and Mobile!

In the opening keynote at ZendCon ’12, Andi Gutmans introduce the new version of Zend’s all-important tool chain and paved the way for PHP developers to move their apps into the cloud and onto mobile devices. Click on in, I don’t have ElePHPants but I do have linky goodness.

Event Monitoring with Zend Server in the Zend Developer Cloud

Kevin Schroeder, Zend’s resident musician and Product Evangelist, recently recorded a screencast on how to use Zend Server’s event monitoring. While he did not score the video with music from his upcoming album, it’s still an interesting watch. If you’ve not played with event monitoring in Zend Server, invest 2:49 to check it out. You may find something you like.

Curious about phpcloud.com? Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch this video

If you are curious about phpcloud, Zend Server, Zend Studio and how they all work together to make life easier for PHP developers, I’ve got a treat for you. Zend’s own Ed Kietlinski spoke recently at NYPHP and they recorded the presentation. set your cellphones on vibrate and click on in.

Press Release Roundup – Zend Server on OSX and phpcloud.com

Here at Zend we get a lot of good press for our products. We don’t want to turn DevZone into just a feed for those that write cool things about us, but some of these are helpful if you are considering using our products. So instead of flooding your feed with individual articles about how great the products are, occasionally we’ll post a roundup. That way they won’t get in your way, but there are here when you need them.