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Code Faster with the New Smart Object Operator Shortcut

Some PHP operators (e.g. ->, ::) can be quite a challenge for people who are used to different languages (like Java or C#). The new Zend Studio release introduces a new shortcut that will help developers work with: Object Operator (->) and Scope Resolution Operator (::), also called Paamayim Nekudotayim. To use it just press CTRL + . (dot) in… Read more »

Blaming in Zend Studio

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Very often when debugging issues I stumble upon a problematic line of code and ask myself “Who added this? When? What purpose for?”. If the source code is maintained in a Git repository then there is a designated Git command – blame – that can greatly help answering these questions. Zend Studio, with the help of the EGit plugin, provides… Read more »

Highlighting Breakpoints Like in Zend Studio 5.5

Looking at the feedback we receive, it seems that lots of our long-time users feel nostalgic for the pre-Eclipse era of Zend Studio. Here is one hint how you can bring the look and feel of the latest Zend Studio a little bit closer to the one experienced with the legendary Zend Studio 5.5. In Zend Studio 5.5 when adding… Read more »

New Zend Studio, New Zend Server, Cloud and Mobile!

In the opening keynote at ZendCon ’12, Andi Gutmans introduce the new version of Zend’s all-important tool chain and paved the way for PHP developers to move their apps into the cloud and onto mobile devices. Click on in, I don’t have ElePHPants but I do have linky goodness.

Curious about phpcloud.com? Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch this video

If you are curious about phpcloud, Zend Server, Zend Studio and how they all work together to make life easier for PHP developers, I’ve got a treat for you. Zend’s own Ed Kietlinski spoke recently at NYPHP and they recorded the presentation. set your cellphones on vibrate and click on in.

Zend Studio gets the nod from ITWorld

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Over at itworld.com, Peter Wayner has written an extensive look at IDEs for PHP developers. In the article titled “Review: 2 PHP tools rise above the rest” Wayner looks at 8 IDEs available to PHP developers. He gives a paragraph or three summary of each of them, showcasing what he sees as the pros and cons of each product. To… Read more »

Five tips for speeding up Eclipse PDT and Zend Studio

Eclipse Helios (3.6) and Zend Studio 7.1 (and above) include a new version of Eclipse PDT, labeled 2.2. This new release uses a new repository for storing code reference information. With these simple tips you can significantly improve the performance of this repository which will speed up code completion, searching for definitions, type hierarchy views and more.

nWire for PHP 1.3 Released: Accelerated PHP Code Exploration

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nWire for PHP was released about 6 months ago and it is already an indispensable tool for many professional PHP developers. nWire adds PHP code analysis and exploration capabilities to Eclipse PDT and Zend Studio. The new release improves one major area: performance. The results are radical.