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Win a copy of Zend Studio at PHP Quebec 2008.

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p. Conference season is in full swing! SDWest was very interesting and now I’m home long enough to recharge the laptop before heading out to PHP Quebec. Let’s make things interesting at PHP Quebec and give away a copy of Zend Studio.

Yossi Leon on Zend Studio for Eclipse

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p. Yossi Leon has written an interesting post over on blogs.zend.com (did you know we had a blogs.zend.com?) on Zend Studio for Eclipse. If you’ve been following this project then you’ll want to take a look at Yossi’s latest post.

Free Zend Studio for Eclipse Webinar

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p. My buddy Yossi Leon is going to be hosting a free Webinar on Zend’s new product “Zend Studio for Eclipse”. (Code name Neon for all of you in the black vans and helicopters) He has asked me to let you know about this and invite you to dial in and participate.

Contest! Write a small piece of sample code, win a free copy of Zend Studio

p. It’s a very poorly kept secret that Zend is working on an Eclipse based version of Zend Studio. They must be getting down to the ‘fit and finish’ pieces of the project because my buddy Yossi wrote me and asked me to enlist the help of the PHP community at large. So here’s his request.

PHP Programming Contest – Win a Copy of Zend Studio

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p. There’s a new PHP contest and you know what that means, another chance for developers to get FREE STUFF. Nick Halstead is running a programming contest over at his blog and the grand prize is a free license of Zend Studio.

p. In this contest you have to use PHP (4 or 5) to solve a specific problem of Nick’s own choosing.

Integrating PHP with System i using Web Services

As is the case with most development teams tasked with maintaining legacy applications, most System i shops continue to maintain valuable data that is trapped within their legacy applications. In most cases, these applications are not easily integrated with outsides applications or services. However, System i developers now have a new tool in their toolbox, PHP. PHP provides the tools System i developers need to easily expose their data and services to external applications via Web Services. Utilizing PHP and Zend’s developer tools, Web Services can easily be written to wrap existing programs.

Zend Monthly Newsletter – January

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p. Extra, Extra, get your free Zend Newsletter. Click on inside, we’ll go over upcoming events, news from Zend world-wide, product updates, and if you look carefully, you’ll find a list of the upcoming PHP events that I will be at.