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The simplest Zend_Form decorator

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Matthew Weier O’Phinney, architect on Zend Framework, has started a series of blog posts about Zend_Form decorators. He wanted to explain how they worked since he had seen quite a bit of confusion over them in the past.

Database backed Zend_Form elements

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A constant blogger of all things Zend Framework, Jani Hartikainen has this time made a post showing how to extend Zend_Form to handle automatically pulling data from the database to fill in your lists.

Decorators with Zend_Form

has been lauded by many as a welcome addition to Zend Framework, and a
flexible solution to the problem of forms. That said, one point of
flexibility it offers has proved to be a pain point for many developers:
decorators. This tutorial aims to shed some light on decorators, as well as
provide strategies for creating your own decorators and combining them in
creative ways to customize the output your forms generate.

Rob Allen on Simple Zend_Form File Upload Example

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p. Rob Allen, author of the upcoming “Zend Framework in Action” has released a new tutorial on how to do file uploads with the new Zend Form component. If you know Rob then you’ve probably already read this because you recognize awesomeness when you see it. If you don’t know Rob, you really need to check this out.

Zend_Form Tutorial from Rob Allen

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I’m not sure how I missed this but last week, Rob Allen posted a great tutorial on the new Zend_Form. (Which Matthew assures me is now in the core.) If you’ve been looking for a good tutorial and you don’t know to automatically go to Rob’s site then I’ll point you in his direction.

Lifting the Skirt on Zend Framework 1.5 – Zend_Form

Many developers like the model of being able to programmatically create all elements on a page. An equal number like to code the HTML separately. If you are one of the ones that like to create things in code, you are going to love Zend_Form. Zend_Form gives you all the tools necessary to create forms and form elements via PHP code.