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PHPWomen & Zend Give Scholarship to ZendCon

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PHP7 ElePHPant

Working in conjunction with PHPWomen, we are going to give away a scholarship to ZendCon! We are kinda excited about it. Zend has been a supporter of PHPWomen since their inception. One of their very first booths was at ZendCon 2007. (Lig, Liz and I setup a table and stole a beer stein from the bar to use as a… Read more »

How to convince your boss to send you to ZendCon 2013

Convince your boss ! It’s a simple formula. The more a developer can increase their productivity and innovation while, at the same time, decreasing their downstream impact (bugs, future feature roadblocks, etc) the more valuable that developer is to their organization. In the open source world the technology we use to build applications evolves almost daily. Understanding industry and technology… Read more »

ZendCon Day 2 – Through the eyes of Twitter

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If you are attending ZendCon vicariously through the twitter feed of friends, you probably noticed as I did that Day 1 was dominated by the themes of geek humor and green elePHPants.Reading the tweets from Day 2 however, you will notice that the “conference halo” is over and people are getting down to the real business of learning, networking, and hacking. Here are the main themes I identified.

New Zend Studio, New Zend Server, Cloud and Mobile!

In the opening keynote at ZendCon ’12, Andi Gutmans introduce the new version of Zend’s all-important tool chain and paved the way for PHP developers to move their apps into the cloud and onto mobile devices. Click on in, I don’t have ElePHPants but I do have linky goodness.